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About Lisa

Lisa considers herself a “writer in progress” and notes the idea for The Evolving Nest has been years in the making. She believes everyone has a story and hopes to help others share theirs.

Although Lisa and her husband, Phil, recently celebrated their 31st wedding anniversary, they’ll be forever trying to figure each other out.

They have three wonderful children, 26, 23, and 21; two boys and a girl. 

She has fond memories of growing up in Oregon with her parents and five siblings along the Willamette River with the magnificent Mt Hood as a backdrop.


A Passion for Travel

Having always dreamt of traveling the world, Lisa studied abroad in Argentina, Brazil, and France before graduating from college.

Traveling through beautiful countries and experiencing different cultures with her husband and kids continues to be one of her greatest passions.

After earning a business degree from the University of Oregon, Lisa worked in sales before pursuing a career in mortgage banking.

When Lisa and her husband’s oldest son was born with autism and other developmental challenges in 1997, Lisa decided to focus the majority of her energy on learning to navigate his special abilities. Today, he’s employed, involved in multiple social activities, and is working with a number of specialists to begin living independently. 

Over the last twenty-five years, Lisa has loved being a mom to her kids, who now are busy working, enjoying finishing up the last couple years of college.

She volunteered in the community and served as Director of Philanthropy for a local company for many years. 

When asked why she launched a blog that encourages writer’s to share their marital experiences, she answered, “because understanding firsthand how someone has overcome a challenge or why their marriage is thriving, has always been more impactful to me than just being told what to do ever has.”

 With Much Gratitude

This site would not be possible without the unconditional support of my husband, Phil, the editing prowess of talented friends, and the incredible web design skills of Jacob Jacobson. I’m forever grateful for the writers who trust and believe in I Do’s purpose, as well as my friends and family, who are too numerous to name, for their endless encouragement.

“In the end; we will all become stories. I hope you become the most authentic and beautiful one” -Unknown

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