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The Five Love Languages

How to Express Heartfelt Commitment to Your Mate

By Gary Chapman

Do you know your partners love language? If not, then The Five Love Languages should be the first book in your relationship’s toolbox.  

If your spouse values hearing how you appreciate them, and you show your love by doing chores around the house, you’re not speaking to their love language.

Even if you’ve read this book before, we agree with the author that a refresher will reap “deposits in your spouse’s love-bank for years to come.”

His Needs, Her Needs

Building an Affair-Proof Marriage

By Willard F. Harley, Jr.

We believe this one of the most impactful books we’ve read in a long time.

Be Advised: Chapter 1 dives headfirst into sexual frustration and infidelity, offering one of the best descriptions of what a “typical spouse” needs for a fulfilling sex life, and emotional contentment.

The remaining chapters address recreational compatibility, honesty, financial security, and the author clearly explains how couples can grow apart over time.

There were moments when we thought his advice was too legalistic, but Dr. Harley always circle back around and in the end, we found his advice extremely applicable.

The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work

By John M. Gottman , PH.D., and Nan Silver

Dr. Gottman asserts that he can predict divorce in the couples he counsels with 94% accuracy! This would be a scary proposition, except that Gottman also gives great examples of how to improve your relationship, if you’re both willing to commit the time.

Our Life Group recently spent five months unpacking this relationship guide book, until we were all transformed by one recommendation or another.

The Naked Marriage

Undressing the truth about sex, intimacy and lifelong love

By Dave and Ashley Willis

Pastor Dave and Ashley Willis offer authentic, Christ-centered marriage advice.  “They dispel many common myths about what you may or may not believe is acceptable in a married Christian couple’s bedroom.” 

They have made it their mission for all of us to have marriages that thrive!

Eight Dates

Essential Conversation for a Lifetime of Love

By John Gottman & Julie Schwartz Gottman, PhD’s, With Doug Abrams & Rachel Carlton Abrams

The authors propose eight dates, with compelling themes for each along with a list of questions to discuss. If either of you struggles at times to converse, this book is for you.

The authors have each been married over 30 years, and the Abrams have never missed a weekly date night in all that time. Simply amazing!

The Truth About Men

What Men and Women Need to Know

By DeVon Franklin

Devon Franklin wants women to better understand how men think. Admittedly, it took me a while to get past the author constantly comparing “men to dogs who need to be trained.”  However, my husband thought the “Mastering the Dog” analogy is spot on.

Mr. Franklin offers some very sobering and convincing examples of what happens when men don’t learn to “tame the dog within.”

The Truth About Men is both entertaining and thought provoking.


Take Control of Your Life

With Mel Robbins

Mel is an amazing motivator.  We love, love, love her!

Every time Mel tells you something motivational, she’ll follow up with why she’s giving you that advice, and “why it’s backed by science.”

Take Control…invites us to be a fly on the wall as she coaches 6 different people who’ve been held back by fear, not feeling like they were enough, or were overwhelmed trying to start a business or ask for a promotion.

This is a great read for anyone who is feeling stuck, either personally or professionally.

Check back frequently as our list is always growing. 

All of these books would make a great wedding gift.

What will the world miss if you don’t tell your story?– Donald Miller

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