Why The Evolving Nest?

The Evolving Nest is all about creating deeper connections—

By discovering, or in many cases by rediscovering, how to reconnect with our spouse, feel better as we age, grow spiritually, and find more adventure in our lives—regardless of our worldly circumstances—we will feel more fulfilled.

As the creator of The Evolving Nest, I don’t have all the answers… but I am on a journey to keep a fire burning in my own marriage of 31 years, to stay active, and to truly embrace and enjoy this phase of life. So if you’re interested in doing the same, I hope you’ll join us.—Lisa Speers, Founder

The idea of this community started as a casual conversation with friends—

We were all in the throws of one or all of our kids heading off to college and beyond, which meant a few of us were becoming…do I dare write it? Empty-nesters.

One friend tossed out, “Now, is my time. I’ve got to figure out what I want to do with the rest of my life…” 

Some of us were looking forward to starting new ventures or traveling more (this was pre-pandemic mind you), but some of my friends were ‘shook’ as our teenagers say…

Then, a friend asked, “What do you think it’s going to take for us all to stay happily married for the next 40 or 50 years?”  One friend replied, “I’m going to have to get to know my husband again that’s for sure. I guess we’ll have to start dating again.”

The evening ultimately sparked some pretty engaging conversations. We all laughed and raised our glasses to cheer on this new beginning. 

At that moment, the idea for The Evolving Nest was born.


Lisa and her husband Phil

We are on a journey—

My husband and I are coming up on another one of those ‘transitional moments,’ when we’ll be launching our youngest off to college in the Spring of 2021.

We know this can be challenging, so we are trying to get ahead of this potentially vulnerable time in our relationship as we continue to nurture our marriage.

We are making plans now, for how we want to spend our time together in the years to come.

Our mission—

Is to share those ‘aha moments’ with you…we hope you’ll think of The Evolving Nest as your little slice of weekly information and more importantly—inspiration.

We welcome both new and seasoned writers who have chosen to share their very personal relationship and life experiences to both encourage you, and also to make sure you are not alone in what you’re might be feeling.

When we share our stories, we step out of our comfort zones and grow. – Author Unknown

Come as you are, we’d love you to become part of the The Evolving Nest story.

Join us to read! Join us to be inspired! Join us to write!

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