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The Evolving Nest is one of my favorite places on the internet. Being a contributor has given me a beautiful sneak peek behind the scenes where life, hope and often just enough humor intertwined to make what’s shared something I never want to miss. Lisa’s mission to help each of us thrive on our journeys of faith and family is like a deep well that parches our thirsty souls. —Esther Goetz of Moms of Bigs, The Dolly Mama, and Co-Author of the best-selling book “Moms Never Stop Momming”

How to submit an article, meme, microblog, podcast, or video to The Evolving Nest?

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    2. Articles should be approx. 800 to 1,200-words; Microblogs and memes can be much shorter. Relevant podcasts and videos will also be considered for publication across our various social media platforms. *Please note: submitting your content does not automatically result in an agreement to publish
    3. Previously published content is acceptable with proof of authorization to republish.
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    5. Your photo and biography will be needed prior to publishing unless you would prefer to publish anonymously. Please email to discuss this option.

Topics of Interest: We encourage you to email to discuss ideas

  • The Evolving Nest is all about creating connections that last. We love articles based on your own life experiences: interesting marriage stories that may help others, the transition to an empty-nest, how you’re staying healthy (or aspiring to), couples travel and adventure, coping with COVID, and how you are handling (or handled) any major life challenge or transitions. Your stories may be humorous, intensely personal, and/or illustrate how you are thriving or overcame or are in the process of overcoming a challenge.
  • We applaud first-time writers! You do not need to be a previously published writer to submit.
  • If you are currently divorced or widowed, we encourage you to share your story. (See samples)
  • Experts are welcome here: Marriage and Family Therapists, Health and Wellness professionals, and Travel and Adventure writers, to name a few, are all welcome to submit articles or other digital content for review. Content that includes personal experiences or real-life examples, versus advice-only is preferred.
  • What type of travel-related stories do we seek to publish? Take us on a journey…transport us to your latest destination, even if it’s your own backyard—which may be the case due to the pandemic. Write like you are telling a good friend about your trip, even if you traveled as a group. Please leave all the travel agent information for an attached link, and just tell us about your trip. We will gladly share links to where readers can find you.


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It was a delight working with The Evolving Nest. Lisa has such a pulse on the very real triumphs and challenges that hallmark this stage of life. I so appreciate her providing a community that lets us know we are not alone.  —Contributor,  Stephanie Riley

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